Lucy Madeline Bio

Lucy Madeline is an activist, educator, and award-winning social practitioner. Her work explores the construction of identity in relationship to the body, the subjective and the sociological in an effort to create positive social change, and has been shown in 32 exhibitions. Madeline’s social practice includes organizing public dialogues about sexual health and intersecting social justice issues, and delivering educational workshops as performance art. She sees pedagogy as art praxis.

Lucy teaches comprehensive sexual health education in Santa Fe, New Mexico, delivering educational programming for teens, adults, families, and youth-serving professionals in over 41 schools and community organizations. In 2013, she co-taught Psychology of Women at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. She continues to lecture on topics including the Beauty Myth, the history and politics of birth control, media literacy, menstrual taboo, and adopting the Freirean educational framework in social art practice. 

She received her B.F.A. from Santa Fe University of Art and Design in spring of 2015, summa cum laude.

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