Taming the Taboo Around Period Sex

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Roshni Nair with contribution by Lucy Madeline

“No one has asked about period sex in my 15 years of practice,” reveals Dr Bandita Sinha, a gynaecologist at Navi Mumbai’s Apollo Clinic and Fortis Hiranandani Hospital. “Different women have variable sexual urges during their period, but even those with a heightened urge are discouraged from acting on it. Female libido is repressed anyway. Add periods to the mix, and you have a double taboo.”


Mother-skin: Liminality in Maternal Space

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Woman’s, daughter’s and granddaughter’s hair twines and is bound tightly, crossing mitochondrial DNA and matrilineal memory in the making of mother-skin, showing in form what is present in mind: the undeniable intermingling of identity and history between mother and daughter. For two years I collected my hair, pulling it from brushes, shower walls, fingers and knit clothes, accumulating it in a pile on my desk. In early spring of this year, my mother arrived at my door and placed in my hand a box of her own and her mother’s hair, collected in the same time-frame, for the same purpose and in the same way. The hair is combined in the hand-felted vessel of mother-skin.

Mother-Skin the Book

Self Published 

the cycle of creation is periodic. periodicity of creation.
fear: gothic: ferja, the watcher. fear, the watcher. 
so make a ritual out of looking. 

all things existing are woven.

the human being is made by rituals. the self must be collected, and collected. to collect the self, I collect the mother. we weave the mother into the self in the hair as in the body. the mother and the self. the body is woven in the body of the mother, woven in the body of the mother. how to regard it? 

to cover to hide to not look. there is a veil. the woman’s body. always the metaphor for the woman’s mind. 

Scientific Animation Shortfest: Weighing Bigness and Smallness

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Yet another meeting of science and art coalesced in Santa Fe last Wednesday, when the Scientific Animation Shortfest at the Capriccio Foundation, found animator and illustrator Graham Johnson invoking the liveliness of scientific imagery through its relationship with film. (The event was part of the weekly goings-on of Currents: Santa Fe International New Media Festival, but also reflects Capriccio’s longstanding interest in bringing out the art in science.)

All About Time: Lucy Lippard and Seth Siegelaub at SITE Santa Fe

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Seth Siegelaub’s disembodied voice echoes through the futuristically decorated, cement-floored chamber of the Time Capsule Lounge, part of SITE ‘s March 2012 Time-Lapse exhibition. The location is fitting: we are witnessing a conversation between Siegelaub and Lucy Lippard, two of the most influential people in the formation of and conversation about conceptual art in the 60s. The topic  is Siegelaub’s revolutionary and radical exhibition March 1969, which was immortalized as One Month in Lucy Lippard’s book Six Years: the Dematerialization of the Art Object, an annotated bibliography documenting conceptual art from 1966 to 1972...

Blinding with Sparkle – Anna Tsouhlarakis Questions Our Future

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Anna Tsouhlarakis’ installation Edges of the Ephemeral is currently on exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Native Arts in downtown Santa Fe. Her work is part of TIME 2012—Temporary Installations Made for the Environment—an exhibition in which eight Anglo and Diné artists were commissioned by the Art in Public Places Program of New Mexico Arts to create environmentally oriented works under the theme of Hózhó Náhásdlíí – or, Harmony in the Making. Each artist’s work is placed in a difference location throughout the Diné territory, which encompasses the Four Corners of New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. This year’s theme, according to art critic Lucy Lippard’s statement on the TIME website, “is a significant step towards integrating native and non-native concepts of time and place.”  This is the eighth year of the TIME exhibitions.

Interview of Los Angeles based artist and founder of online art gallery, Jessica Minckley

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Lucy Madeline contributes a segment on digital economy for artists to this week’s show.

Matthew Chase Daniels Talks and Currents New Media Film Festival 

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Santa Fe artist Matthew Chase-Daniel talks about his work and what New Media has meant for him at the install of Currents: The Santa Fe International New Media Festival.Frank Ragano directs install in the background! — with Lucy MadelineMatthew Chase-Daniel and Frank Ragano at El Museo Cultural De Santa Fe.

Re: MIKE - Stimulate the Possibility of Revitalization of Saint Mike's Corridor 

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Video documentation of Santa Fe's Re:MIKE event.

Axle Contemporary, Art for the Masses

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